Annual General Meeting 2015

Annual General Meeting 2015

AGM Weekend at a glimpse

Friday, 3 July 2015

18.30pm: Opening prayer followed by orientation to the weekend

19.30pm: Dinner – Food Sutra, 549 Flinders St, Melbourne


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Deepdene Uniting Church,  958 Burke Road, Deepdene, VIC 3103.

09.15: Morning worship

09.30:  Agenda items

11.20: Morning tea

11.30: AGM – agenda items

12.00: Thanksgiving service

12:30: Lunch

13:00: AGM- Agenda Items

15.15: Afternoon tea

15.30: AGM – agenda items

17.00: Closing prayer

18.00: Dinner – Tokyo Maki, 547 Flinders St, Melbourne

19.30: Bush Dancing Event (optional) – Brunswick Uniting Church Hall, 212 Sydney Road, Brunswick


Sunday, 5 July 2015

9. 30 Morning Prayer

9.45 – 10.30 am (Ann’s Home)

  • Debrief re Saturday, and further discussions.

  • Communication within the ASCM – interstate and web communication tools – training.


11.00 – 12.00 Worship at a local Church (optional)

12 – 1 pm More conversations / Departure


Notice of Annual General Meeting 2015 and Proposed amendments to the ASCM Rules

Dear friends

I write to invite you to attend the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Student Christian Movement to be held on 4 -5 July at Deepdene Uniting Church.

Please find below a summary of proposed motions to be presented at the ASCM Annual General Meeting 

That the Rules be amended as shown in the attached document “ASCM Rules 2015”, including:

a. inserting at the end of the Preamble the words “(and incorporating minor amendments made from time to time to July 2015)”
b. deleting Rule 2(2)
c. inserting a new Rule 9(3)(f) regarding the appointment of a Secretary at the AGM
d. inserting a new Rule 12A regarding the use of technology for attendance at meetings
e. inserting a new Rule 19A regarding the role of Secretary
f. amending Rule 24 to extend the Vacancy provisions to the Secretary
g. amending Rule 30 to extend the Removal from Office provisions to the Secretary
h. amending Rule 31 to clarify the roles of Minutes Secretary and Secretary in relation to minutes of meetings
i. amending Rule 33 and 36 to replace “Public Officer” with “Secretary”

Background and context of these proposed amendments are to be found in the attached reports from the Secretary of the ASCM Inc. 

Simply put, these amendments 

1. Clarify definition, appointment and removal of the Secretary of the ASCM Inc.
2. Enable use of technology as valid tools for purposes of decisions making process.

I recommend that If there is any differing views, requests of further clarification, phrasing or addendums to these proposed motions to be put forward either in writing or other contactable methods to National Coordinator to be presented at the AGM so that the General Meeting can make fully informed decisions around this alterations.

With best wishes

John Probhudan Biswas
National Coordinator
Australian Student Christian Movement

Saturday, 4 July, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, 5 July, 2015 (All day)

Deepdene Uniting Church
958 Burke Road
Deepdene VIC 3103

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