Annual Report of the World Student Christian Federation, 2012-2013

Dear members, senior friends, and friends of the WSCF,

It is with pleasure that we present the Annual Report of the World Student Christian Federation, the Red Book, for 2012-2013 (PDF link).

Its publication has been delayed in order that we could announce with certainty the convening of our General Assembly which should have been held in August 2014, but had to be delayed until there was sufficient funding to be held without incurring a deficit. We are therefore delighted to be able to announce with the publication of this report that the General Assembly will take place from 27 February – 5 March 2015 in Bogota, Colombia around the theme of We are Many, We are One – Sent out to Build God’s Peace. This theme underlines our commitment to ensuring that doing justly and making peace are central to both the vision and experience of all those who share in the national movements, the regional bodies, and the global Federation. In parallel with the theme, we will be looking at the Future of the Federation in order to ensure that the necessary vision and focus is central to the structures and functioning of the Federation at all levels in 2015 and beyond.

This Report seeks to embody and make known the richness we have in our SCMs, our regions, and our global expressions, and to articulate the progress we have been making in telling our many diverse stories of accomplishment and identity and building together a common story of what it means to be together in the unity of Christ through this Federation. Lest some of our successes act as a disguise for our difficulties, we share with you the fact that, like so many other ecumenical agencies, securing adequate funding for core existence is a constant preoccupation which deflects us from the real work of the Federation.

We hope you will enjoy reading the Report as we have enjoyed preparing it. And I am grateful to all those who have assisted in this exercise.

We welcome your response and feedback, all the more as our Assembly approaches. Please email us at if you would like to comment.

Yours in Christ,
Christine Housel

General Secretary