ASCM and SCM Indonesia appeal for victims of earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala

The Australian Student Christian Movement is helping SCM Indonesia (GMKI) to support victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala.

If you would like to make a donation then please send via:

Australian bank transfer to ASCM
BSB: 06-2000 (Commonwealth Bank)
Account number: 0092-2944
Account name: Australian Student Christian Movement
Please send a confirmation email to

OR Via International bank transfer to Indonesia SCM
Swift code: BMRIIDJAXXX 
Bank Name: Bank Mandiri Persero PT
Account name: Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia 
Account number: 122-000-509-9901
Recipient address: Jl. Salemba Raya, No 10, Jakarta Pusat. (postcode 10430) Indonesia

or you can donate directly to Indonesian Redcross

The campaign will close on 21 October 2018.


Report from Indonesian SCM or Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI) and National Communion of Churches (PGI) in Indonesia

GMKI with the National Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) is in the process of sending 100 volunteers to help the evacuation in Palu and Donggala from 2 October 2018. According to the report 3/10/2018, there are 1,407 dead and 70,000 refugees

She reported several things as follows:

There are still problems with communications. It is still difficult to know the whereabouts of minister friends who have been PGI contacts. E.g., there has not yet been in contact with the Moderator of GPID (the Protestant Church of Indonesia, Donggala). Another difficulty is that there is still no electricity and this, in turn, makes it difficult to get water. Fuel costs have gone up, while no ATM machines are functioning. Tarps that were hoped for from the National Board for Disaster Relief have not yet arrived. The PGI Vice General Secretary has tried to request tarps from this Board that is parked in front of the Governor’s office but was told that the tarps had not yet arrived.GKST (the Christian Church of Central Sulawesi) has opened a coordination center at the Immanuel High School in the region of Jalur Dua that is being managed by the Palu Presbytery and is coordinated by Rev. Nurna Tokede and Rev. Frida Gintu. For now, this is the Coordination Center for Humanitarian Service for the churches in Indonesia. People seeking shelter choose to sleep under trees in the schoolyard or under a tarp, probably because they fear the impact of aftershocks that were still being felt this morning. Up until this afternoon, ministers and church members still bought helping to look for members of their congregations who disappeared when the sea swallowed them. Today, two church members were found dead, and tens of others with injuries were taken to the hospital. One church member who was eight months pregnant has not yet been found. Today several members of the GPID Synod Council buried church members whose bodies were rotting. The Moderator and General Secretary were busy looking for and arranging for church members and family members who have not yet been found and who have died. Tonight the Vice General Secretary of PGI will return to coordinate with the GPID General Secretary and Vice General Secretary, together with Rev. Nurna, Rev. Frida, and Rev. Ones Kamboji of GKST, while waiting for the arrival of volunteers from the Indonesian Student Christian Movement in Palu and the GKST Synod Council who left Tentena at 11 this morning but have not yet managed to reach Palu yet because the road is so congested with the flow of displaced peoples. Meanwhile, aid logistics are being handled by the military who say this is to prevent looting. Apparently, some sporadic looting has occurred.

Considering the above notes and the condition that is still not yet being handled well, what is needed is food, medicine, tarps, clothing, and other daily needs [toiletries, solar lights and water filters].

The PGI Executive Council urges all church members to hold families who have suffered from this disaster in your prayers of intercession—personal prayers, family prayers, neighborhood prayers, and prayers during church worship. You are also urged to share in bearing the burden of suffering of our brothers and sisters, without bias, by contributing funds and resources.

The PGI Executive Council will make every effort to send aid immediately to the site, distributing it in coordination with the post that is being coordinated together with churches in Palu, Donggala, and in Central Sulawesi in general.

Rev. Gomar Gultom, PGI General Secretary