ASCM Magazine, Autumn 2022 – Jubilee Grapevine

In this issue of the ASCM Magazine, we have returned to our previous title Jubilee Grapevine, in honour of JG Editor Clare Menck who recently tragically died. The Jubilee Grapevine symbolises the network of freedom. You will find a tribute to Clare, and articles on recent conversations and interests of the Australian Student Christian Movement.

ASCM promotes an open, active, critical and ecumenical Christian faith for modern Australian university students. We seek to welcome and learn from diverse perspectives.

As we publish this issue, we watch with dismay Russia’s barbaric and unprovoked attack on the peaceful nation of Ukraine. The ASCM condemns this invasion. We will keep the suffering people of Ukraine in our prayers as we hope for their speedy liberation and Russia’s withdrawal.

The ASCM is the Australian affiliate of the World Student Christian Federation. Our links with WSCF enable Australian students to network with like-minded Christian students around the planet. WSCF has condemned the invasion of Ukraine in this statement.

ASCM have recently joined with WSCF in several online meetings. We had the honour of being asked by WSCF to invite Australian and New Zealand students to participate in an Intercultural Bible Study together with SCMs in Mexico and Cuba, guided by the Faculty of Theology at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. We look forward to reporting on this dialogue in our next magazine. We also hope to report on the WSCF General Assembly, planned to be held in Berlin in June.

ASCM issued our annual financial appeal in February. If you received our appeal letter, we encourage you to donate to enable us to expand our work with Australian university students. If you have not received the letter and would like to support ASCM, please contact us or use our PayPal donation form.

Please consider writing for the ASCM Magazine. If you wish to contribute, please contact our editor Robbie Tulip.

In Faith
23 March 2022

ASCM acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where we live. We pay our respects to elders, past, present and emerging. ASCM supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Voice. Treaty. Truth.