ASCM National Appeal 2018

23 September 2018


Members/Senior friends

Australian Student Christian Movement

Dear senior friend,

Our sincere thanks to members/senior friends last year for their support in helping us run programs around Australia, in East Timor and to send representatives from ASCM to ecumenical events.

Thanks to your support we were able to carry out the following activities:

  1. Held Bible studies in Newcastle and Victorian SCM every month, meetings in Queensland at university campus and regular meetings with a focus on social justice in Canberra, along with a Canberra SCM senior friends reunion

  2. Sent a delegate to attend the UN Commission on the status of women in New York as a member of the World Student Christian Federation Asia Pacific (WSCF AP) delegation

  3. Sent a delegate to the WSCF AP Capacity Building Training in Colombo, Sri Lanka

  4. Helped to rebuild East Timor SCM, previously non-active

  5. Sent a delegate to a WSCF AP regional program on peace building in the Korean Peninsula

  6. Employed three paid staff at the national level and four paid staff in Victoria, Newcastle, Canberra and Queensland to support our state and national work

  7. Sent a delegate to attend the Justice Conference in Melbourne

  8. Campaigned and showed our support for marriage equality by releasing a public statement

  9. Published a December 2017 edition of the SCM Post

  10. Held our National Executive Meeting via Skype in February 2018 and our Annual Conference and AGM in Perth in July 2018

  11. Raised funds to help with renovations of the WSCF AP office in Hong Kong to generate income, with this fundraising initiative coordinated and led by senior friend Revd. David Gill

This financial year we will continue to run the same activities, with the following new initiatives:

  1. New program to promote East Timor Reconciliation (Australia, Indonesian and East Timor SCM) and employ a few local staff to rebuild East Timor SCM with supervision from WSCF AP

  2. Visit Indonesian SCM to plan a long-term working relationship

  3. Build Solomon Islands SCM through our Solomon Islands Liaison Officer

  4. Send delegates to attend all WSCF programs where possible

  5. Increase our delegation to attend Voices for Justice in Canberra in December 2018

  6. Hire new staff in WA

  7. Hold the 2019 AGM and National conference in Canberra with a national senior friends reunion

For further details, see the next online edition of the SCM Post due at the end of this year or early next year.

ASCM still needs donations for this financial year of around $13,000 to support our programs.

We rely on the support of our senior friends like you and thank you sincerely for your donations and support in other ways.

To make an online donation via credit card, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website: /

  2. Click on ‘support ASCM’ at the top of the page and then click on ‘donate online’.

Alternatively, you can donate directly through the following link

If you wish to make ongoing contributions, we suggest you choose recurring (monthly, quarterly or yearly) so that the donation will be automatically debited from your account.

Alternatively, you also can send cheques via post to: 

Australian Student Christian Movement
PO Box 4386
VIC 3052

To go paperless

To follow our activities online, please subscribe to our email newsletter at /civicrm/profile/create and follow our Facebook page  to see what we have done and what we plan to do.

National Senior Friends’ Reunion

We plan to invite you to the National Senior Friends reunion in Canberra in July 2019. Please sign up here and we will send more information by electronic mail.

To make a bequest for the general purposes of ASCM:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement, to be applied for general purposes of the said organisation.”

To make a bequest to the ASCM Centenary Trust Fund:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement Centenary Trust Fund, to be applied for general purposes of the said Trust.”

If neither of these suit your wishes, your solicitor or professional adviser will be able to construct the right wording for you. For further information from ASCM, please email

Kind Regards

Andika Mongilala

National Treasurer

Actual Expenses 2017/2018


AGM Newcastle
AGM Perth
Honorarium staff worker
WSCF Membership
WSCF AP/Global program
Visit Indonesian SCM
Visit East Timor SCM
PO Box renewal
Stamp and postage
Office bearer expenses
Newsletter and appeal letter
East Timor Mission
Justice Conference
Voices for Justice Conference
Other state expenses
NSW SCM expenses
Attendance at other programs
Bank Fees

Total expense 2017/2018: $27,691.94

Total budget 2018/2019: $43,856.95

AGM in Perth 2018

ACT Seniors friends Gathering 2017

ASCM delegate to the UN, New York USA

National coordinator visit to the ACT

ACT SCM Monthly discussion

East Timor Bible study in Dili 2018

WSCF Program in Korean Peninsula