ASCM National Appeal 2019

1 October 2019

Members/Senior friends
Australian Student Christian Movement

Dear senior friends,

Our sincere thanks to members/senior friends last year for their support in helping us run programs around Australia, in East Timor and to send representatives from ASCM to ecumenical events.

Thanks to your support we were able to carry out the following activities:

  1. Paid honoraria of part-time ASCM staff workers at national and state levels.

  2. Sent Caity Cameron (ACT staff worker) to attend the World Student Christian Federation’s second Inter-regional program on Identity, Diversity, and Dialogue in Nairobi, Africa.

  3. Held monthly Bible studies in Melbourne and Perth and regular meetings at QLD University.

  4. In Canberra, held monthly discussions on social justice.

  5. SCM Qld sponsored Bart to attend the Global Chaplaincy Conference at Latrobe University, Bendigo. Russell also attended.

  6. After supporting East Timor SCM for the last year and a half, previously non-active, they are now back to being active. Please follow this link to see their activities:[0]=68.ARC2yQv6UUB2zannZS2FM4_W9Q5kFaSEuM4IbFVbd2wEGIFXiJ7HiukbyI0WH4jEa1fp7aswF04Zpk_-pHUFnHFjh-omX6fz9ZiddkX5ocpR2TuafExofGw1ehlZYSwkdhj0Smx-6Fq3m94T9RpBmK2UmJuLlRYV9cYQL0lqonXnQFhS38rHPc-HUAcBwTJDDqUmODC3F78XwtnR-vhIVIkqg6VT3wYGrdIn_w0FVzLY7H8RIcCWFCNHzEFEFDC4p5rddP2w8H0C5Up6bmpVZDz9ak_wGhTRrPOmbhaLVz_qfjR3Hjgy0Se-rwCiFExg70Ae5oGNDH5tSLDLw93eWrzz2XuTZB1p7dnyQp3pRZkCdc3_5T2j3eiC5lNGVp61nuRrqhhPBbSauBiaDK8lC_J5T6D7OyX2jFOJOO8xeYp5IQ6ZQnrKhrjX-Meo_J7BeCtMdY-AFVNboYC3GdMuOthjGPoDlniP3vxv6SObftk-dj9WnZVxy3te

  7. Sent John Biswas (NSW), James Maley (WA), Kingston Selveraj (SA) and Caity Cameron and Kate King (ACT) to attend the Voices of Justice Conference in Canberra.

  8. Held our National Executive Meeting via Skype in February 2019 and Annual General Meeting in Canberra in July 2019.

  9. Held our National Conference and National Senior Friends’ Reunion in St Margaret’s Uniting Church and Holy Cross Anglican Church, Hackett, ACT (Canberra) in July 2019, with the following speakers:

    • Barrie Baker – ASCM across the generations
    • Helen Rainger – Palestine and Israel: What’s at stake?
    • Robert Tulip – Climate change, global warming, and the Christian response
    • Tim Ngui — Human Rights and the law
    • Sandy Yule and John Probhudan – Who or what is God?
    • Ivo Goncalves – a history of activism in East Timor
  10. After a year processing unclaimed money, we have received from NAB and CBA a total of $13,414.24. Thank you to senior friends who helped us with advice and providing information.

This financial year we will continue to run the same activities, with the following initiatives:

  1. Help to pay staff in Timor Leste SCM, but we will reduce support from $3,000 per year to $2,500.

  2. Send delegates to international programs and the WSCF 2020 General Assembly in Berlin, Germany.

ASCM still needs donations for this financial year to support our programs.

We rely on the support of our senior friends like you and thank you sincerely for your donations and support in other ways.

To make a donation:

  1. Via Bank transfer: BSB 06 2000 Account Number 0092 2944.

  2. Via Cheque: send to PO Box 4386, Melbourne University, VIC 3052. Payable to Australian Student Christian Movement.

  3. Via Credit card or PayPal: donate directly through the following link:

If you wish to make ongoing contributions, we suggest you choose recurring (monthly, quarterly or yearly) so that the donation will be automatically debited from your account.

To go paperless

To see our activities, please follow our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Please subscribe to our email newsletter to see what we have done and what we plan to do.

To make a bequest for the general purposes of ASCM:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement, to be applied for general purposes of the said organisation.”

To make a bequest to the ASCM Centenary Trust Fund:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement Centenary Trust Fund, to be applied for general purposes of the said Trust.”

If neither of these suit your wishes, your solicitor or professional adviser will be able to construct the right wording for you. For further information from ASCM, please email

Kind Regards

Andika Mongilala

National Treasurer

Australian Student Christian Movement    
Cash Basis    
  Actual 2018/2019 Budget 2019/2020
Trust fund 24,000.00 32,000.00
Appeal letter (for National) 5,206.07 5,000.00
General Donations 425.00 -
Montly Pledges 119.00  
Unclaimed money 13,414.24  
Total Revenue 43,164.31 37,000.00
Interest CBA 3.30 3.30
Interest UCA - 400.00
Other Income    
Total Revenue & other Income 43,167.61 37,403.30
AGM Last year 4,301.26 2,500.00
AGM This year 92.48 100.00
Voices for Justice Canberra 2,116.52  
Justice Conference Melbourne    
Honararium 16,500.00 24,000.00
WSCF Membership 706.00 -
WSCF AP/Global Program 1,334.33 6,500.00
Visit to Indonesia SCM & East Timor    
National appeal cost 708.42 750.00
NATSIEC Donations 300.00 300.00
Webhosting 209.95 209.95
Po Box Renewal 130.00 130.00
Office Bearer 133.20 150.00
East timor mission 3,000.00 2,500.00
MICHA Membership 495.00  
State Expense non honorarium 47.67  
Salomon Island Mission 500.00 -
Donations 2,275.00 -
Total Expenditure 32,849.83 37,139.95
Total Expenditure & Others 32,849.83 37,139.95
Surplus and Deficit 10,317.78 263.35