ASCM Review – Invitation to participate

Dear Friends,

We are having a review of the ASCM and you are invited to participate

The ASCM Review, which has been mandated by the National Executive Committee, seeks to identify what has gone well in the last few years, what the challenges are and what we should do in the future. You are warmly invited to send to the Review group any comments or reflections you have that can be considered as part of the Review. Please also remember the ASCM and the Review in your prayers at this time.

The Review Group members are Sandy Yule (Vic), John Probhudan Biswas (National Co-ordinator), Ros Hewett (ACT), Barrie Baker (WA), David Hale and John Bretz (Qld), and Mandy Tibbey (NSW).

The Review will:

  • consider your comments,

  • conduct and report on several interviews,

  • have on-line participation of the Review Group members in considering the matters set out below,

  • come up with proposals and strategies to move forward effectively and continue to strengthen and develop the ASCM in creative and sustainable ways. These will be presented to the National Executive Committee for consideration and possible adoption.


The ASCM’s vision is along the following lines:

“To be an active, open, ecumenical, critical group of students and friends of ASCM who seek opportunities to grow and develop their Christian faith in friendship with other Christians and those seeking a spiritual path.”

The Rules of the ASCM Association state that the ASCM exists:

  1. To worship and serve God in the world, especially among students

  2. To follow Jesus Christ and communicate the Gospel in word and act

  3. To encourage radical testing of Christian faith and life

  4. To strive for new truth and life within the academic community

  5. To work for peace, justice and mutual aid among the nations

  6. To share in the mission of the whole Church and to seek its unity and renewal.

The basis of the movement: Faith in the living God - the Holy Trinity – who speaks to us through the Scriptures and in the life of the Church and the World".

Most of those Members and Friends of the ASCM would be in broad agreement with those aims but the task of the moment is how to enflesh those aims.

What do we need to work on?

There are three topic areas on which the Review will focus and on which you may (or may not) want to focus in any contribution you make:

  • The ASCM now: “what is” – What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the ASCM?

  • The ASCM in the future: “what ought to be in the future?”  What do we hope for the ASCM – Vision and Mission, what would ASCM look like if all goes well?

  • “How do we get there?” What do we need to do to move forward and strengthen the ASCM in terms of: offering opportunities for students, strategies, governance, staffing, fund raising and support, building friendships and strengthening networks and links with others.

You may have one idea or reflection that you would like to contribute or may wish to comment more broadly.

Please send your reflections to Mandy Tibbey at, if possible by 20 June 2021. These will be shared with the Review Committee.

Thank you for your on-going support and commitment to all that ASCM is and for your prayerful reflection on all that is yet to be done through the ASCM!

Yours faithfully

Mandy Tibbey

For the Review Committee.