Nonviolence Conflict Transformation

Efrat Wolfson is a Conflict Transformation Trainer and Facilitator, with over a decade of diverse experience in conflict work – with youth, adults, women, men, groups and individuals – supporting people to turn conflicts from painful, exasperating problems, to opportunities for deep transformation processes, bringing in more love, connection, joy and ease into their lives. In the last few months, several ASCM-ers from Victoria have enjoyed her workshop on Nonviolent Conflict Transformation.

She just finished her new website and a new (free) video blog.
She writes:

“It's like the gathering together of all the most inspiring, effective & powerful tools that I've learned from so many amazing teachers along the years and so many young people and adults that I've worked with and so many personal life experiences that I've gone through into one, big, beautiful platform of love and creativity! 

In the Video-Log I'm going to be sharing the very best of the tools, strategies and skills that I have learned through a decade of experience in conflict work, plus sharing allot of stories from my own personal life journey with conflict, violence and nonviolence.

All this, so that you can work with these tools to start making positive shifts and transformations in your life”.

This Video-Blog is for you, if you: 

✓ Want to learn how to stop avoiding conflicts and start engaging with them positively and effectively 
✓ Want more connection between you and your loved ones
✓ Long for more connection with yourself, so you can speak your truth confidently. 
✓ Want to improve your communication skills to bring in more joy and ease in your relationships
✓ Wish for more fun and passion in your everyday life


If that's sounds good to you, come and join on the Video-log welcome page.