Statement of Support for the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees

Statement of Support for the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees

The Australian Student Christian Movement continues to support the call for justice for the refugees on Manus and Nauru. These people are our responsibility as Australians, despite the contortions undergone by our government to obfuscate the situation. They have been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment as part of a struggle with people smugglers, in which the legitimate hopes and requirements of these asylum seekers have been systematically ignored for years. It is long past time to rectify their dire situation and to allow them a decent way forward in life. The refusal of the offer from New Zealand shows the unconscionable lack of concern for these people by the Australian government.

We also call for a turn back towards humane treatment of asylum seekers. A more generous treatment of people in their time of need sows the seeds of good will from which our nation has benefitted in the past. We are pursuing punitive and mean measures even for the protection of those whom we do not cast off to overseas detention. This callousness must end.