Tiffany Sparks on ABC's Q&A Monday 25 April

Dear Friend of the Student Christian Movement,

Next Monday evening, 25 April the Rev'd Tiffany Sparks is appearing on the panel of the Q&A program to be televised on ABC television at 9:30pm.

Tiffany, while studying at the Banyo campus of the Australian Catholic University, was an SCM Staff Worker on that campus. Now she is serving as an Anglican priest in the Anglican diocese of Brisbane.

As well, Tiffany is a valued member of the Queensland SCM Area Council.

Tiffany will be part of a panel seeking to answer live audience questions about Christianity in Australia.

Full details are on the Q&A ABC TV website. Click on to the heading Coming Up and read profiles of the panel members.

I must say that Tiffany's brief CV is most interesting.

I hope that you will be able to watch the program.

Best wishes,
Ray Barraclough,
   - on behalf of the Qld SCM Area Council.


In addition, Victorian SCM Friend Claudine Chionh will interview Tiffany about Q&A and Progressive Christianity on the Spirit Lounge on JOY 94.9 – Thursday 28 April from 8-9pm. If you are in Melbourne, you can listen on 94.9 FM; outside of Melbourne, you can go to the JOY home page and click LISTEN LIVE.