Tribute to Clare Menck

Very sad news of the sudden death of Clare Menck, formerly Clare Schulz, much loved member of ASCM in Western Australia, wife of Tyson and mother of two children. 

Barrie Baker of WA ASCM knew Clare well. Barrie met Clare in 2000 at university, where she was ASCM staffworker from about 2005 to 2008.  Clare's parents live in Victoria, and her sister is in PNG. Her father is a Lutheran Pastor. Clare's degree at UWA was in history, and she also studied theology at Murdoch and worked as an ecumenical chaplain, appointed by the Anglican Archbishop as UWA chaplain.  

The WA SCM group met monthly at Clare's home in Carlisle, where they would share a meal, followed by discussion; the house was the focus for SCM. Clare's diagnosis was just this year. She participated in the January meeting. 

Clare was Editor of the ASCM Magazine Jubilee Grapevine for several years until 2007, a very professional production, available online at

Clare worshiped at Mount Hawthorn Community Church. Many of her talks are available online at

Clare's sudden death is a big shock to all who knew her. ASCM will discuss holding an online event to give thanks for Clare’s life and contribution, to express how much Clare was appreciated and loved across the SCM community.  

Our heartfelt condolences to Clare's family and friends.

Robbie Tulip