Voices for Justice 2015

Please join us during the Voices for Justice conference drom 10 to 13 October 2015 in Canberra:


"You are invited to join us at Voices for Justice this October to gather with Christians from across Australia for four powerful days of learning, training, worship and advocacy in our nation’s capital.

Since 2006, Voices for Justice has been an important event helping to raise political awareness of global poverty and equip Christians to become lifelong advocates for the poor. 

Unlike any other conference or event in its combination of learning and action, Voices for Justice is a profound growing experience for all participants. Expect to be inspired by what you experience, empowered for ongoing advocacy on behalf of the world's poorest people, and heard by our nation's leaders as you meet with them in Parliament House.

From Saturday 10 - Tuesday 13 October in Canberra, Voices for Justice participants will engage in two days of worship, workshops and training led by some of the most inspiring and influential leaders in church, development and advocacy circles, followed by two days of meetings with politicians and special events in Parliament House.

Click here to visit the Voices for Justice website.

You will find all the details on costs, program, accommodation options, subsidies, kids and youth programs and more on our website. Early bird discount closes August 16th and registrations are limited, so you will need to get in quick!

We are most powerful when we represent electorates and groups from across the country – including more remote electorates. So to make it possible for everyone to come we have some subsidy options available to help cover the costs of interstate travel or support fianancially disadvantaged delegates. 

We really hope you can be part of this amazing gathering as we bring the agenda of the poorest and most vulnerable in our world before our nation's political leaders this October.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us on 1300 738 286 or email info@micahchallenge.org.au."


Or check out their video here.