National Appeal 2020 donation

Thank you for your donation, which will support ASCM’s activities in growing future generations of ecumenical leadership in Australia and beyond. We send out an annual appeal each year, and all responses to that are gratefully received. You can use this form to donate to our 2020 National Appeal, with priorities being to support Timor Leste SCM as well as supporting our staff in running online activities. If you prefer, you can make a donation to one of the following funds:

Another support to the ASCM is the Centenary Trust. This was set up in 1996 to provide us with a financial asset. Donations are still being made to the Trust, and we are gradually approaching the target amount! ASCM applies to the Trustees for access to the interest to fund particular projects. Donations to the Trust (and to the WSCF) can be made using this form.

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