Christine Tsoi's report on visit to Hong Kong SCM

In early February Aidan and I attended a meeting of Hong Kong SCM where we talked about our experiences of ASCM and the East Timor mission.

Aidan gave some insight into Australia's political and Christian context and we discussed ways that we could attract young people or improve our programs.

Around 12 people attended the sharing, these included current student members, exco, staff, a chaplain and senior friends. I was quite happy that Nina, the current WSCF-AP women coordinator came, as she was in East Timor for three years with SCM-TL and was able to talk about her experience in Timor and felt surprised by the changes since she was last there.

The sharing was also a chance for me to meet up with my friend Fanny, who is from HKSCM and is now working with the Korean SCM in international affairs. She may tell Korean churches about supporting East Timor and bring the information back to Korea for her work. Wood, who's one of the HKSCM founders, came too. He's interested in knowing ASCM now as he said that ASCM inspired him to take part in the LGBT movement back in the 80s.     

Overall it was a good opportunity to share with them about ASCM and to teach them a little about East Timor as well as to offer each other our support in the future.