By Christine Tsoi ( HKSCM,  intern for ASCM)

I am very happy to share Hong Kong SCM's news with you and there're some brief notes about their structure, programs and strategies.


-          Chaplain

-          Consultants

-          Exco

-          1 full time staff

-          Two registered university branches

-          Summer interns


-          Monthly auto-pay donation from senior fds

-          CWM/ Nethersole FundàEcumenical Channel

-          Scholarship from the universities club , support us with the summer camp

-          One-off non-monetary donations

-          Annual Walkathon


-          Regular Newsletter

-          2-3 Books in recent 2years which are about current social issues       

  •  Writers are activists we met thought demonstrations, students, SCMers, senior fds, other people who are concerned about the issues
  • Very low budget publication as we have volunteers for design, editing etc.
  • Sell books at low prices to attract people and sell when on demonstrations, and in small bookshops

Regular Activities&Strategies:

-          Theology Tutorials

  •   Basic & Advance, during Summer Holidays, hold weekly in June-August
  •    Social Movement Course -- To help participants to clarify what they believe
  •     teach students how to conduct a social movement
  •         may ask participants to initiate a small movement

-          Universities branches activities

  •    regular bible studies
  •   thematic sharing / discussion, invited guest speakers may also attract other students
  •   student-oriented topics

-          Bible Studies

  •  topics are initiated by the participants, focus on Biblical verses / teachings that make them feel confused
  •     feminist bible study method, from Yong Tingjin

-          Demonstrations

  •  send email to invite people to join us, even if we are only two people, we still join the bigger demonstration. Some people may know us from the demonstrations, coz we are with our banner, (advertisement of who we are)
  •    with mobile forums
  •    with prayers/ Taize prayers

-          Ecumenical Asia Pacific Students and Youth Network

  •  With local ecumenical youth organization: YMCA, YWCA, IMCS, IYCS, CCA-Youth, WSCF-AP in order  to connect with youth
  •    EASY-Net Week,
  •  Forum
  •  visit Orthodox Churches

-          Summer Camp

-          Joint Activities

  •     With different NGOS
  •     Civil Human Rights Front,
  •     Joint Civic Education

-          Exploration Programs

  •   Visit Taiwan SCM as we share similar situations and have the same writtenlanguages
  •     Visit different NGOS in TW which our SCMERS are interested in

-          Sexual Christ Forum

-          Different forums about current issues from Christian perspective

-          senior friends meeting

Ecumenical Channel:

-          Essays, Videos of the forums, Reports of the activities

-          Reflections on sexuality, politics, mainstream thinking, etc.

-          Theological reflective journals

Do SWOT analysis

-          to know our standpoint in the society as Christians

-          to develop on what we have

Shares from the staff about movement strategies
- stick to our spirit: significant minorities, Luke 4:18-19

- work hard on social movements, holding events and analyzing current social issues

- work with people with mission & passion& action

-join other groups with the same concerns on an issue

Big social issues in recent years that we took part in and concerned:

-          Urge for the Universal suffrage in 2012

-          5 District Referendum Movement

-          2010Anti the high speed railway, Choi Yuen Village

-          2010 democratic development of HK amendments

-         the developer’s hegemony

-          the doubt about one-country two-systems-     the corruption of HK Chief Excutive 

-          the control of the Beijing government

-          HK post 80s youth group

-     Occupy Central in HK

-     Dockworkers' strike for improving working condition and salary