The Stature of Waiting

SCM Friends, Doug Dargaville and Lucy Griffiths sent us an email last month and excerpts of it are as follows:


"Life changes from “doing things” to a time of receiving. What Doug found helpful during the broken nights in hospital, was W.H.Vanstone's The Stature of Waiting. The Canon’s book notes that in all the world’s “busyness” we deprecate the times when our abilities are diminished. He gains inspiration from Jesus who worked “while it was day”. But his night began at Gethsemene when “no one can work”. He points out that the real work of Jesus was his Passion, marked by his silence, his acceptance of being handed over, accompanied by a greater sensitivity to the needs of others. The book suggests that the stature of waiting gains its own special dignity, and that stance will grow continually so as humanity progresses.


So we have become very much aware of life’s limitations, but note that the eighties, surrounded by so many friends, it is not such a bad place to be. ..... We just wanted to share these thoughts with you, because you are part of us."