Theological Resource: Bible Odyssey

Barrie Baker has recommended the website Bible Odyssey:

I would like to put in a plug for a wonderful website called Bible Odyssey. This is a well organised compendium of articles related to the Holy Bible and much that springs from it. It is non-doctrinaire and its sources are those teachers and theologians who are experts in dispassionate and modern Biblical research. The level is adapted to the intelligent and inquiring mind which is not upset when old certainties are open to question. The contributors are not out to shake faith, but to make it more secure in the modern world. It is ideal for anyone really, but should be useful for anyone from late teenage onward who has a basic knowledge of the Bible and the times in which it is set, ASCM study groups have some ready-made material here.

Here is a sample of the style and approach used:

The first problem is that the discoveries of modern science contradict biblical texts. Astronomy and biology show that the origins and development of the world and its inhabitants were part of a long, complex, and ongoing process that cannot be reconciled with Gen 1. Geological evidence rules out the possibility, suggested in Gen 6-9, that the entire earth was covered with water in the eons since human life began.

The website provides a lot of useful tools besides articles. I wish you happy exploring here.