Tips for communicating with young people using the web

Following recent discussions in SCM on online communication, just came across this interesting paper by Roman Gerodimus from Bournemouth Uni in the UK:
How to Mobilize Young People: Recommendations for NGOs and Civic Organisations
The paper lists a set of criteria for the “ideal online mobilization campaign” and features case studies of campaigns on livestock transport, animal welfare.
Some of the points here may be useful for 
• campaign work SCM wants to do in the future• efforts to promote SCM to current students.
Each of the following points is expanded on in the paper

The “ideal online mobilization campaign”

  1. is relevant to people’s everyday life
  2. combines macro-social change with microsocial benefits
  3. creates an ongoing narrative
  4. reinforces a consistent message
  5. sets clear and feasible objectives
  6. puts emphasis on results
  7. provides citizens with the tools to make a difference
  8. maximizes the audience
  9. invests in attractive and accessible design
  10. (still) depends on the ‘old’ mass media