Mission and vocation statement

Mission statement

The ASCM’s mission statement was most recently revised in 2004.

The ASCM is called to be a community that is the living presence of God among Australian students, nurturing each other, sharing an intelligent faith, and acting for justice in the world.

The ASCM strives to promote a faith that is lived in the uncertainties of life, but with the assurance of God with us.

The ASCM is open, ecumenical, active, and critical.

Vocation statement

The ASCM’s vocation statement has undergone many changes and will continue to be reviewed. This version pre-dates 1998.

The vocation of the ASCM as witness to God arises from our faith in and desire to serve God as seen in the Person of Jesus Christ. God becomes known to us through the Scriptures, through our own experiences, through the Holy Spirit, and through the life of the Church and the world.

ASCM is ecumenical, believing that different traditions and denominations have validity before God, and preserve both in their commonality and differences insights of value to every Christian.

ASCM also aims to empower each individual to make an equal contribution to the life of the Movement without discriminating against anyone of the basis of their sex, race, sexuality, class, age, or physical or intellectual capacity.

We aim to explore ways to live out our faith in our community, each seeking the path of becoming an instrument of God, according to one’s calling.

We aim to create within ASCM a supportive community in which the bonds of friendship between each other are deepened and in which our faith and spirituality are nurtured. Individuals are presented with many different theologies and ideas to enable them to develop their own faith.

ASCM is committed to social justice. We heed God’s call to justice throughout the Bible, Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbour, and Jesus’ assurance that in serving our neighbour in need we are serving Christ. We therefore seek to discern the needs of our neighbours and the causes of need in our society.

We promote the rights of those who suffer and aim to act alongside them. We believe that in acting with those in need we meet God and deepen our faith.

As part of the world-wide community through the World Student Christian Federation we are committed to social justice throughout the world.

ASCM aims to be an environment in which people are put in touch with the values and spirituality which enable and affirm life in all its fullness.