Mission to East Timor

ASCM's East Timor Mission

In February 2012 ASCM reminded itself of earlier years where the Movement had derived strength from its relationships with different member movements in the region. It also heard about the situation in East Timor where a young movement was achieving much and seemed to be vibrant and energetic in its approach. The history of the two countries being so interconnected, and also having Dr Helen Hill, SCM Friend teaching then at Victoria University (Community Development) and running study groups in East Timor, it seemed obvious that we should pursue this relationship and build on it.

So in 2012 a small mission headed off in June, comprising Ann Ng (national coordinator) and an Honours student from La Trobe University, Daniel Broadstock. It was an overwhelmingly positive visit and in 2013, five young people then went to East Timor, this time with Daniel as their 'leader'. This has now become an annual event.