Support ASCM

You can support ASCM by donating online via PayPal. Donations to the ASCM or the Trust cannot be used as a tax-deduction.

See below for information about making a bequest.

There are many ways you can support us, and not just financially.

ASCM is a student movement, but could not exist without the support it receives from sources outside its student members.


One of our main sources of support are our Friends. Friends are mainly people who were members of ASCM while at University, and still wish to keep in touch with the movement. Some Friends were never ASCM members, but are sympathetic to our aims and wish to be involved.

Friends offer varying levels of support and involvement. Some are on Area Councils, others are Trustees, another maintains the Friends email list. Others choose not to take on particular roles, but support us through prayer and donations.

ASCM has many Friends, and it is always a pleasure to receive news from them. We ask that if you have any news about Friends, especially pastoral issues, that you contact either the National Coordinator or your local Area Council.

If there is any news that you would like to share via this website, then please contact us using the contact form.


The reality of operating a movement such as the ASCM is that things cost! Our largest budget line is for travel, both to committee meetings within Australia, and overseas conferences. The aim of these meetings and conferences is to build the leadership capability of our members for the benefit of both ASCM and the broader community.

We send out an annual appeal each year, and all responses to that are gratefully received. However, some of you might find it convenient to give at other times, which you can now do very easily from this website.

Another support to the ASCM is the Centenary Trust. This was set up in 1996 to provide us with a financial asset. Donations are still being made to the Trust, and we are gradually approaching the target amount! ASCM applies to the Trustees for access to the interest to fund particular projects. Donations to the Trust (and to the WSCF) can be made using the same form as for a donation to the ASCM.

You can support ASCM by donating online.

OR mail your cheque to:
Australian Student Christian Movement
GPO Box 1195
ACT 2601

A Will That Reflects Our Lives…

One of the reasons we’ve been able to operate in Australia, and show solidarity with other SCM’s in the Region, is through generous bequests of Friends. Over the past years we have received several bequests, which have assisted greatly in allowing us to live the vision of SCM.

If you would like to include SCM in your Will, the following are examples of what may be written:

To make a bequest to the general purposes of the ASCM:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement, to be applied for general purposes of the said organisation.”

To make a bequest to the ASCM Centenary Trust Fund:

“I bequeath (insert specific amount; percentage of estate; residue of estate; etc) to the Australian Student Christian Movement Centenary Trust Fund, to be applied for general purposes of the said Trust.”

If neither of these suit your wishes, your solicitor or professional adviser will be able to construct the right wording for you. For further information from ASCM, please contact the National Treasurer.